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Inmotion S1

Inmotion S1

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The InMotion S1 is the ultimate commuter electric scooter.

More power, better ride quality and more extended range in a surprisingly compact and portable form.

The InMotion S1 features a rear motor with powerful acceleration, the ability to travel massive distances on a single charge, industry-leading water resistance, awesome dual suspension, all-over lighting for visibility, a bright, informative dashboard, convenient portability and a solid low, maintenance braking system. 

Asides from being feature-packed, what makes the InMotion S1 so popular with commuters is the smoothness of the ride. The acceleration is electronically filtered to provide the smoothest take-off and slow down on any electric scooter we have ever tested. So whether you are quickly accelerating up to the top speed of 30km/h or cruising along at a steady pace, you will never feel the InMotion S1 bounce you around. For riders who want to feel safe and have complete control over their scooter, this is a hugely important characteristic of riding the InMotion S1.


Max Speed: ~30 Km/h
Max Range:~59 miles (95 Kms)
Battery: 54V nominal 63V max, 675Wh
Charge time: Single charger ~7.2hrs, double charger ~3.6hrs
Suspension: Dual front and rear shock suspension
Motor: 500 W brushless tuned for stable performance
Max Slope: ~30° (depending on payload and charge)
Brakes: Electronic front, disk brake in rear
Payload: 308 lbs max (140 Kgs)
Tires: 10 inch, tubeless air-filled front and rear
Lights: Double 1.25W headlight, customizable deck RGB LED strip with turn signal lights, rear wheel LED brake light
Weight: 52.9 lbs (24 Kgs)
Size: 1307 x 520 x 1275 mm, Folded Size: 1307 x 520 x 560 mm
APP: Bluetooth 4.0 InMotion App
IP Rating: IP55 for body, IPX6 for controller, IP X7 for battery

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