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KingSong KS S22 Eagle

KingSong KS S22 Eagle

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Currently there is some QC issues with the motors. To ensure everyone's safety we have currently put all orders on hold and have disabled future purchases until we get a proper resolution with Kingsong. To follow suit with Eevee's we are requesting replacement motors. Thank you for your patience. We will keep everyone posted.


**New In stock** ( on hold )

The new model from Kingsong S22 Eagle, The successor of S18 Suspension wheel, Upgraded and Retuned! The design theme of the S22 is one of a high focused and highly tuned off -road machine. 


TOP SPEED*:~ 70 km/h (43 mph)

MAX RANGE*:~ 200 kms (124 miles)

WEIGHT:35 kgs (77.16 lbs)


BATTERY:2220WH / 126V

MAX LOAD:120 kgs (265 lbs)



NOTE::New batch with upgraded software

Full Power, Full Speed


The KingSong KS S22 electric unicycle is packed with an impressive 3300W motor, allowing for speeds up to 70 km/h (43 miles). The 2220WH/126V battery ensures you go faster, for longer. This powerful EUC is lightweight in it's design, giving you all the features you want, without the extra weight. No matter your speed, you'll always know how fast you are going with the S22's intergrated spedometer display.

Superior Suspension 

The KingSong S22 Eagle is equipped with a Variable Linkage dampening spring system using 240-75 suspension with 130mm of suspension travel. This EUC has been built with a unique X shaped suspension system. Pro level suspension provides the ultimate support and shock absorption Prepare for the ride of your life only made more comfortable by Self Adjustable Powerpads and built in spiked-pedals.


Revolutionary Design

For this EUC model, KingSong dded a comfortable seat cushion for skilled and long-distance cyclists, ergonomic design, alleviating the toil of standing riding. The aluminum constructed handle has been designed for ergonomic pushing of the wheel or lifting of the wheel. The machine aso has it's own built-in kickstand allowing riders to leave the S22 Eagle propped upright.

Packed With Technology


The KingSong S22 Eagle is equipped 8*5W lights on the left and right, automatically adjust the brightness according to the speed (twice the S18), and the two lights can adjust the angle separately to provide good lighting at night. The intergrated display gives easy access to power, speed, and other information into one matrix display unit.


Additional Features:

Spiked footplates improve balance and offer enhanced grip.
An integrated kickstand solves the storage dilemmas.
A built-in seat provides unmatched comfort on longer rides.
A trolley handle is available for unsurpassed portability.
Customizable power pads provide excellent control and seamless maneuverability.
A matrix display shows power, speed, and other valuable information.


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