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SUMMERBOARD E-SNOWBOARD! Imagine rushing down a mountain, gliding through turns in the snow. Now remove the mountain and snow, and add a battery and a pair of wheels. No mountains or lift tickets required! Spin and shred freely in any direction at the speed you wish with the Smart Remote Control. Featuring a top speed of 25mph / 40kmh with a battery range of 12 miles so you can carve anywhere you want as you obtain snowboarding zen!


Motors: Dual 3000w Motors
Battery: 12 Mile Range
Flights: Battery TSA carry-on OK
Top Speed: 27mph / 40kmh
Charger: 110v - 240v
Weight: 18 lbs
Deck: 82cm Canadian Maple
Stance Width Range: 64cm - 79cm
Outer Wheels: 75mm (diam) x 52mm (width)
Drive Wheels: 76mm (diam) x 50mm (width)

Whats in the box:

* Summerboard with Battery
* Summerboard Wireless Remote
* Remote Charging Cable
* Summerboard Charger
* Quick Start Guide
* User Manual
* Battery Care Instructions

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